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Published: 06th February 2017
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Matcha green tea, which has its origins in Japan, has been consumed for over a thousand years for its numerous and diverse health benefits. Key among them is matcha's ability to give you a sustained, focused energy. This is why it was consumed for centuries both Japanese samurai warriors and Zen Buddhist monks!

But that's not all. Among other benefits are its incredibly high antioxidant power (6x even that of the powerful goji berry!), its ability to boost metabolism and aid in fat loss, as well as its effects in boosting immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, helping to reduce blood sugar levels, and much more..

So what exactly is matcha, and how does it differ from other types of green tea? Simply put, matcha is regular green tea powered up to the max! Imagine all the benefits that are known to consuming regular green tea. With matcha, these health benefits are multiplied by a factor of about 10. Yes, just one cup of matcha can give one approximately ten times the benefits of drinking regular green tea.

First of all, unlike regular green tea that is found in the form of tea leaves, then consumed by boiling the tea leaves and drinking the brewed water, matcha is found on the shelves in the form of a green powder. Instead of just drinking the brewed water and then discarding the tea leaves (which means that only a small portion of the nutrients are consumed), with matcha, the whole leaf is ground into a fine powder, and the powder is consumed (either with liquids like water, various types of milk, in smoothies, etc., or used in cooking), so you can benefit from the nutrients of the whole leaf.

Furthermore, matcha is made from very specific, premium quality green tea leaves that are grown in the shade with great care, harvested by hand, and ground into a fine powder. But there are different types of matcha, and they are definitely not the same! While it is outside the scope of this article to go into the details of the various types and grades of matcha, one reliable rule of thumb is this: high quality matcha will be a rich green in color, with a smooth, neutral taste or even with a bit of a sweet aftertaste.

Lesser quality matcha, on the other hand, will be dull in color, usually more yellowish than green, and its taste can often be described as "hay like" or even bitter. Top quality matcha will have gone through very stringent harvesting, grinding, and storage processes - and away from light and oxygen to preserve their vibrant green color and antioxidant properties.

Matcha is not only incredibly healthy, but it is also very versatile - it can be consumed in many ways such as the traditional method whisked with water, in a latte, in smoothies, and used as a food ingredient in savory or sweet foods. And real, high quality matcha is delicious, to boot. Undoubtedly a superfood that should have its place in one's everyday routine!

Matcha and sharing its incredible health benefits is our passion! Rev up your life with the best matcha green tea at MatchaMax.com

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