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Published: 25th April 2020
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Everyone craves a constant flow of Mobile App Design inspiration. Does this flow always come at the right times? Does it arrive at all?

Studies show that inspiration matters. An American Psychological Association study found that people exposed to Michael Jordanís greatness experienced higher levels of positive affect.

Seeing other people succeed is enough to push forward, making it essential to create your own bits of inspiration and use other outlets to spark your creative energy.

Working on your mobile app requires just as much creativity as it would designing a billboard ad, but with the help of iBuildApp you donít have to have a graphic design or programming degree.

So, where can you find inspiration for your mobile app? Every component provides a chance to wow your customers, including the logo, buttons, layouts, colors and images. You may have all these items, but does it look appealing?

Letís take a look at where you should look to find mobile app design inspiration.

The iBuildApp Template Gallery and App Store for Mobile App Design

The inspiration has been right in front of your eyes this whole time! A great pace to start with Mobile App Design is the iBuildApp template gallery, where we offer pre-built templates for you to see how our professional designers make their apps.

You donít even have to choose the one that gives you inspiration. Pull from the various industries and make your own designs.

The iBuildApp app store brings together even more possibilities, because itís where all of the apps made in iBuildApp are showcased. Some of the coolest ones are featured on the first page, and weíve even put together some nice lists to hone in on the most creative apps from each industry.

Here are a few to get you started with Mobile App Design:

Blogger apps

Beauty salon apps

Photography apps

Restaurant apps

Construction company apps

Blogs and Publications

App Design

The internet is filled with publications and blogs for everything from web design to gardening. It turns out, thereís also some solid blogs that focus primarily on mobile app design. The top blogs feature stunning screenshots with lists of the most inspirational mobile apps.

Even if you donít understand all the technical jargon used on the sites you can look at the pictures for ideas.

Here are some mobile app design blogs to get started:


Beautiful Pixels


The iBuildApp blog (of course) :)

Pinterest and Other Visual Social Networks

Pinterest is one of my favorite spots to find inspiration because it removes all the clutter you find on other sites like text and buttons. Just type in something like ďmobile app design inspirationĒ and youíll receive a flood of images to look through.

You can even click through some of the images to find nice articles that feature mobile app design roundups.

The Architecture Around You (Particularly in a City)

Mobile Design

Whatís similar between architecture and mobile app design? Well, to start, architects have to figure out how to make a building beautiful and functional. At the same time they must fit their buildings in certain frameworks that are already set in place. In short, they must learn to work with the space theyíre given.

Take a look at the buildings around you to see how the builders used different angles and bends and materials to piece together the perfect structure.

Print Magazine and Even Newspapers

Magazines and newspapers are also similar to mobile design, because the editors need to work with the space given to them. I like looking at print magazines even more than I like looking at architecture because the visual aspects are more similarly related to mobile app designs.

Imagine an advertisement that has to go on a single magazine page. The designer canít just design whatever they want and send it in. They have to take size into consideration and think about how their audience is going to look at the ad.

The same goes for mobile apps. You only have a certain amount of space, so design is about using this space wisely and considering how your users are going to interact with the design.

The world and the internet offers everything you need to find inspiration if youíre in a lull. Just start hopping on Google and searching for images if you need a little nudge. The goal is to see what other people are doing with their mobile app designs. Then you can apply these ideas and make your own tweaks to inch closer to your own style.

Thatís it for inspiration! Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any questions or additional suggestions for finding inspiration for mobile app designs.

Rafael is the founder of iBuildApp - mobile app maker for designers

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